Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart Review | Does it Work?


Get Prepped In 1 Trip to Walmart Review by Craig Irons does it really works? Is Get Prepped In 1 Trip to Walmart scam or legit? Here is my overall Get Prepped In 1 Trip to Walmart Review. Don’t buy before read my Get Prepped In 1 Trip to Walmart Review.

Product Name : Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart

Author Name : Chuck Coleman & Craig Irons.

Refund: 60 DaysGet Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart Review

Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart Review:

Are you trying to get your family ready for disaster? Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart is a complete self defense guide designed to take care of yourself and your family since crimes can happen anytime and anywhere. You can get prepped in one trip to Walmart in an easy and simple way to get essential information. On how you as well as your family can stay safe in case of a disaster. This idea was created by Chuck Coleman, who is a retired Army ranger and also a wilderness survival specialist and Craig Irons, who is an ordinary American living in Nebraska. In this survival guide contains everything you need to build a survival stockpile of food, water, and essential supplies.

What is Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart?

Chuck Coleman & Craig Irons decided to share his survival plan Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart with any true patriot who wants to protect his family during the coming collapse. Fathers, husbands, and patriots like you and me have to take responsibility for keeping our families alive. To make sure you survival plan will keep your family alive after a disaster, get out all your equipment and test it. Make sure you know how to use it, and make sure it works right. The guide that shows you how to keep your family safe and their bellies full during the collapse, and avoid the deadly holes that hijack so many survival plans.

How Will The Modules Help You In Survival Period?

  • Module 1: The Ultimate Food Stockpiling Guide: It will last as long as possible and to exchange information on the food and how it should be stored in the directory which is aimed mainly.
  • Module 2: Never Run Out Of Food : The goal of this module is to prepare and reveal to you the step by step directions as well as tricks that will help you to grow, hunt, and gather food, so you can keep everyone in your family in good nutrition throughout the disaster.
  • Module 3: The Done-For-Your Roadmap To Finding, Storing, And Purifying Water: In this module you will discover the various ways to store and search for clean water. Here, you will also learn for how long stored water can be safe for drinking and what kind of poisonous storage containers you should keep away from.
  • Module 4: Survival Essentials: Here, you will find Chuck Coleman’s list of the 135 must have items that you should have in life and death situations.
  • Module 5: From Home To Fortress in 7 Days: This module teaches you things like how you can fortify your home and the 10 most likely entry points for intruders.
  • Module 6: Self-Defense Tricks: Here Craig Irons and Chuck Coleman talk about different topics such as the best weapon for self-defense, 12 self-defense techniques and a readily available police riot weapon.
  • Module 7: How To Get The “Survive Anything” Mindset: In this module, the authors provide useful information on how you can prep yourself and your family to have Chuck’s survival mindset.

Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart Review

What will you learn from Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart?

  • The “Stockpile Temperature Sweetspot” that will keep your stockpile fresh for years and years…
  • A food that will keep you alive and healthy for years… practically by itself… it’s so packed with carbs and protein you almost don’t need anything else.
  • With this easy-to-read guide, you can make sure your survival plan will keep your family safe no matter what happens.
  • Chuck’s “Checklist for the Perfect Fishing Conditions,” so you’ll know the exact time & place to cast your line.
  • Dirt-simple techniques for trapping rabbits and other small animals… using supplies you can find at Walmart.


  • It provides user friendly guide and make you easy to understand and follow.
  • You’ll find everything that you need to build a survival stockpile of food, water, and essential supplies…
  • The secrets to keeping that stockpile full after a collapse, even when everyone else’s stockpile is running dry…
  • It show you how to pick up all the supplies and equipment you need in a single trip to any superstore.
  • Chuck’s military strategies to protect your family from murderers, rapists, and angry, starving mobs.
  • Start-to-finish, step-by-step guide to growing your own Survival Garden.
  • It offers full money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.


  • Without internet connection, you cannot access this system.
  • If you don’t follow the instructions properly, you may get some other problem in survival period.

Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart Review


Overall, I highly believe that the Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart is worth checking out. It is simply written and contains practical survival strategies that doesn’t require you spending lots of money or dedicating lots of your time. Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart really covers everything from food and water down to self-defense. And in terms of value for money we believe that it offers much more than many other courses that are more expensive but offer less content to the user. If you’re not happy, you can get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.



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